“Are you sitting comfortably? Then the show will commence after a message from our sponsors.” You may have become so used to hearing and seeing powerful television commercials for just about everything under the sun that you have become almost consciously unaware of their presence. Advertisers are exceedingly clever people and they know exactly how […]

“History is the lie commonly agreed upon.” – Voltaire One of the goals of Media Resistance is to show that just because something is in the media doesn’t mean it’s true. The thing is, behind the media are real people — real people who cut corners, have their own personal agendas, had a rough night […]

Nobody should doubt the importance of peaceful protest in any free and democratic country, we are fortunate that Great Britain has had a great respect for this tradition for many decades. We should not forget what a powerful force peaceful protest can be, we possibly take for granted some of the rights and freedoms we […]

One problem with the media is that they are largely beholden to their advertisers. If they report something that an advertiser finds offensive or disagreeable, they risk losing the sponsorship money that company provides. While on a small scale this is not a problem, in some cases it can be a considerable issue. For this […]

The media has revealed its true colors by the way it continues to report stories about environmental issues. While the science concerning the cause and effects of global warming are raising very little argument among serious scientists, the mass media continues to muddy the waters. It is uncertain what pressure groups are behind this media […]

The media since the 1980s has been very keen to promote business as a career option. Prior to Margret Thatcher in the UK very few people got involved in the stock exchange. Few people thought the world of share trading, merchant banking and other financial services was very glamorous or exciting. Then there was a […]