It’s a dilemma for many despotic regimes, what do you do about your citizens posting videos of torture, oppression and corruption across the internet.  Iran has put in stage one of it’s plan some time ago, anywhere you can share or discuss issues freely then they are likely to ban them.  For instance without […]

In North Korea the internet is virtually non existent, unless you are part of the ruling few it’s something that you’ve no prospect of accessing either.  Some might wonder if it matters, after all if you live in North Korea there are probably lots of physical problems you have to deal with first like lack […]

There are few organisations in the free speech arena that take as active a role than the NGO – Reporters Without Borders. There latest effort needs to be applauded and replicated where ever possible.  They have offered the facility for several organisations in Zambia to have their web sites mirrored in order to bypass government […]