A group of students at one of Russia’s most important Universities have claimed a small triumph against plans to move them during the World cup.  The state have decided that their campus is to be designated a ‘fan zone’ during the whole of the FIFA 2018 World Cup tournament.   This has not gone down […]

The political situation in Northern Ireland is extremely tense and volatile at the moment. However women’s rights campaigners have been hoping that the flux in power may lead to some important changes in legislation particularly those around women’s rights and abortion. CAMPAIGNERS on both sides of the abortion debate in Northern Ireland were last night […]

It’s perhaps the saddest thing of all, a massacre in a US school no longer seems like a surprise. In many ways the horrors that don’t happen anywhere else on this planet are becoming everyday events. Yet the non-response from US politicians continue to baffle the rest of the developed world. Soon before 5: 45 […]