“History is the lie commonly agreed upon.” – Voltaire

One of the goals of Media Resistance is to show that just because something is in the media doesn’t mean it’s true.

The thing is, behind the media are real people — real people who cut corners, have their own personal agendas, had a rough night at home, or are sub-par employees for whatever reason.  The danger of all of this is that an untrue story or a misplaced “fact” can be propagated not to cause ill will, but simply out of neglect from the employee(s) behind the information.

One example of this is a press release about a hair care line, WEN Hair Care.  The company issued a press release singing the praises of the products (as they would, naturally), and a reporter for a popular online magazine took the press release and published it as fact. 

Unfortunately, a look at online WEN hair care reviews show that the products don’t work so well.  Many frustrated consumers emailed the magazine and stated that they would no longer read the magazine because they didn’t trust the information published.  The reporter for the magazine published an apology and stated that she made an error in publishing the “story” without spending much time researching it.

There’s not an easy solution to solving issues like this.  The only thing you can do is become aware of the problems of the media and not rely on stories that you see published as the ultimate source of the truth.