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Rouhani now appears to be pushing back. Rouhani has promised to prepare a ministry for ladies. Rouhani believes that improving the financial states of the folks should be done by boosting the purchasing power of the folks, cutting back the wealth gap. Iran has at all times denied that charge. It has the highest number […]

Is Saudi Arabia the ISIS state that actually made it onto the legitimate world stage.   It sounds crazy but not so much when you think about it, you will get a similar life experience in Saudi Arabia than in an ISIS controlled area. Here’s an interesting YouTube video on the subject – Of course, […]

The Wayback machine is the biggest internet archive on the planet and a fascinating insight into the development of the internet.  This enormous library is maintained by the San Francisco based Internet Archive and is one of the web’s most popular resources. For any of us who have accidentally deleted a blog page or site […]

When you hear that there is to be new legislation to combat cybercrime, it does sound like a positive step. After all any legislation which stops criminal act, hacking and identity theft has got to be a good thing. It could also included child pornography, online bullying and just about any crime which could be […]

There has been some alarm from Netflix watchers across the web over the last few weeks.  In tandem with their global rollout to 139 countries worldwide, Netflix has announced that it will cracking down on the use of virtual private networks which are used to watch it’s service. Until the last few weeks, the vast […]

When the internet was in it’s infancy, then we were all pretty much equal online. Of course initially it was only the lucky ones who could get connected mainly through schools, Universities and colleges. Then the technology started to appear to allow some basic home access and we all started saving up for 14.4k modems […]

Of course everyone knows that the internet is based on communication and cooperation. In fact the infrastructure itself is built up on a huge network of shared routers, switches and hardware – your web requests can take a huge variety of routes to reach their destination. As for bringing people together, probably nothing in human […]

For those of us of a certain age, the web represented something pretty exciting. Sure the technology was incredible, I can still remember the moment I used IRC (Internet Realy Chat) for the first time. I spoke for about 10 minutes with a welder from Detroit, mostly rubbish and stuff about the weather but it […]

I’ve been travelling for just over 8 months now, some two thirds of the way through my year of travelling. I promised myself this trip, I wanted to see something of the world before the responsibilities of growing up finally caught up with me. I had seen siblings and older friends postpone such trips and […]

China is expanding it’s censorship of free speech from within it’s own boundaries to the rest of the internet.  Perhaps frustrated that it’s very difficult to control access to data on the internet even when you throw unlimited resources at firewalls and content filters, they have adopted a new tactic.  It’s a very worrying one, […]

Australian Attorney-General George Brandis has supported that legislation which will view copyright-infringing sites such as The Pirate Bay will soon be introduced into parliament but will not be passed before the next Budget. The legislation, first flagged will allow rights holders to really go to court to compel ISPs to block websites which are predominantly […]

There are lots of tools and software that can help maintain your privacy online.  For many of us this is an important issue, but there are some people who it can actually be a matter of life and death.  Normal web transactions are simple to monitor and track especially if you have access to ISP […]

Much is often made about the how Chinese internet filters and censorship are harmful to free speech, and it is indeed a very valid point.  However it’s not an area that the Chinese authorities will lose much sleep over, after all they’ve been oppressing free speech for decades in all sorts of ways.  The area that […]

Over the years, many observers have predicted that internet censorship at a state level would gradually decrease. After all there are so many economic, cultural and technical benefits to a country that restricting access would seem to be a stupid thing to do in such a globally connected world. However this doesn’t seem to be […]