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Notebooks From an AP Civil Rights “Race Beat” Reporter Newseum Houses Reporter’s Treasure Chest of Memories “It Was Scary In Those Phone Booths” Last updated Friday January 5th, 2007 Share Your Reporter’s Treasure Chest of Memories By JIM PURKS Yes, late last year I had my “15 minutes of fame.” A photograph taken more than […]

“I never shall forget the night we started our big barrage, the night before the drive started,” the American soldier wrote to his wife. “It had rained all evening, and we had been marching for several hours.” The candle flickered in the dugout somewhere near the Meuse River in France, and a little hot wax […]

There’s no doubt that digital crime is becoming more pervasive as technology develops. It’s also becoming increasingly complex and more difficult for police to investigate sometimes incredibly sophisticated crimes. The primary issue is of course, that the criminals may have never actually visited the country where the crime is committed. Indeed many criminals will always […]

The world wide web started it’s life in the laboratories of CERN in the early 1980s.  In the years to follow censorship seemed a completely unlikely, indeed there were very few closed doors anywhere.  I remember logging into the University of Wales library system using telnet and was surprised when I was prompted for a […]

A group of students at one of Russia’s most important Universities have claimed a small triumph against plans to move them during the World cup.  The state have decided that their campus is to be designated a ‘fan zone’ during the whole of the FIFA 2018 World Cup tournament.   This has not gone down […]

The political situation in Northern Ireland is extremely tense and volatile at the moment. However women’s rights campaigners have been hoping that the flux in power may lead to some important changes in legislation particularly those around women’s rights and abortion. CAMPAIGNERS on both sides of the abortion debate in Northern Ireland were last night […]

It’s perhaps the saddest thing of all, a massacre in a US school no longer seems like a surprise. In many ways the horrors that don’t happen anywhere else on this planet are becoming everyday events. Yet the non-response from US politicians continue to baffle the rest of the developed world. Soon before 5: 45 […]

Education is the main agent of transformation towards growth of any society, increasing people’s abilities to transform their visions to reality. Educating your population not only provides technical and scientific skills, in addition, it also helps with the motivation and social support for implementing and pursuing them. Because of this, most societies have to be […]

With depressing regularity, we hear tales about military provocations from South Korea and the North’s ongoing attempts to develop atomic weapons. Alas much of the North Korean news is rarely regarding the suffering of it’s people. More likely we hear about trivialities such as the opening of a theme park or the shameful antics of […]

What is the real cause of Islamic radicalisation?  The obvious answer is of course, religion – but is it really religious fervor that’s totally to blame.  A recent report suggests that it’s not that straightforward and there are many other factors which are likely to blame.   What is worse, these other drivers are usually […]

As well as an a physical empire, the terrorist group Isis had ideas of creating an online caliphate too. However the digital Islamic state is faring in about the same way as they are in the real world – i.e not very well.    The basis of this digital empire was a huge subscribers list […]

Is change about to finally come to Zimbabwe, is the oldest leader in the world about to be relieved from power. For those who love Zimbabwe, there is at last some hope yet tinged with fear that ‘Bob’ is to be replaced by someone even worse. The news is fragmented and much of it coming […]

To the free world, they’re places to chat, laugh and hang out but in some countries social networks are far more important.   Much has been spoken of the role of social networking sites in civil protests.  Many people think that the Arab Spring wouldn’t have happened without the likes of Twitter, Facebook and other similar […]

If you’re a technology firm operating in China, you’re probably used to the State’s demands on censorship related matters.  However things are about to move up a notch with companies being told to actively upgrade their own censorship efforts.  It’s not like the internet hasn’t got enough restrictions already with most Chinese already using VPNs […]