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Education is the main agent of transformation towards growth of any society, increasing people’s abilities to transform their visions to reality. Educating your population not only provides technical and scientific skills, in addition, it also helps with the motivation and social support for implementing and pursuing them. Because of this, most societies have to be […]

Do democratic nations imprison journalists for making news reports which they don’t like?  Unfortunately this is what’s happening in Turkey at the moment as two journalists Can Dundar and Erdem Gul have been jailed after producing a report on Turkish Intelligence trucks being used to send arms to Islamist rebels in Syria. The alleged crime […]

There’s a story in the press released last year of a truly horrible crime which in some senses defies belief. In Syria, a young girl has been stoned to death for a crime which in the civilised world is an everyday part of life. The girl reportedly called Fatoum Al-Jassem was found guilty of opening […]

In Afghanistan, people have become very disillusioned with the wide scale rigging which has been reported in all the previous election campaigns so have decided to fight back.  Many of the more tech orientated voters have taken to social media in order to highlight some of the issues. It’s an important step forward in a […]

Much is often made about the how Chinese internet filters and censorship are harmful to free speech, and it is indeed a very valid point.  However it’s not an area that the Chinese authorities will lose much sleep over, after all they’ve been oppressing free speech for decades in all sorts of ways.  The area that […]

Over the years, many observers have predicted that internet censorship at a state level would gradually decrease. After all there are so many economic, cultural and technical benefits to a country that restricting access would seem to be a stupid thing to do in such a globally connected world. However this doesn’t seem to be […]

Of course, any regime who wants to control their society hates the internet.  A dictator is pretty much powerless to control any social media site and how it’s citizens behave and express themselves.  However most dictators have pretty much accepted that the internet is in their eyes a necessary evil and have in some particular […]

Koh Samui is Thailand’s second biggest island and one of its most popular tourist destinations. Ever since it was discovered in the early 1970s by two backpackers the island has attracted a growing number of visitors to its shores. They come to experience the beautiful beaches, warm water, exciting nightlife and warm Thai hospitality. Since […]

The media is often guilty of lying by omission. They like to tell us about imminent oil shortages and the nuisance caused by wind turbines, but the mainstream press has very little time to tell us about the benefits of certain renewable trees and plants. One such plant is bamboo. It grows everywhere, it grows […]

One of the biggest costs during the winter season for many people is heating especially during the holidays when people are at home more. One of the best ways to reduce heating bills is to improve the insulation of a house. One way this can be achieved is to install uPVC windows with double glazing. […]

Hin Kong in the south-west of Koh Phangan is one of the least visited beaches on the island. It is a haven for wildlife as it is one of the least developed parts of the island. The advantage of Hin Kong is that it is a peaceful place to stay. For this reason it often […]

In recent years the mass media has been clever in the way that they have linked consumerism to the message of Christmas. The story of Scrooge in ‘A Christmas Carol’ is perfect for this. A man who doesn’t like Christmas and is unkind to people is shown the error of his ways by a ghost. […]