Yet more journalists have died in Iraq after a landmine exploded in the newly liberated city of Mosul.   The death toll continues to rise although ISIS has been largely defeated, it is hoped the remnants of it’s defeated army can be driven out of the city with the minimum number of casualties.  Once again it demonstrates the bravery of the war correspondents who cover these dangerous places of war.  They put their lives at risk every day to bring us the news in war torn places like Mosul.  You can see much of their work on French TV and through the BBC news channel using a BBC VPN for access.

Veronique Robert, a journalist with a French television channel has died from wounds she sustained in a landmine blast in Mosul last week.
Ms Robert, that was Swiss, was among three supporters to have expired as a consequence of past Monday’s explosion at the Iraqi town, the Local new agencies reported.

Stephan Villeneuve, a French journalist, along with Iraqi Kurdish reporter Bakhtiyar Addad were killed in the explosion.

A video journalist who had covered a number of conflicts across the world, Villeneuve was filming a piece together with Veronique Robert on the battle of Mosul for French news programme Envoye Special, aired on public television channel France 2.

They had been searching for the French press program, Envoyé spécial, which broadcasts on France 2, a public television station.

The journalists were on mission in Mosul for the France 2 television station’s popular current affairs programme, Envoyé Spécial.They were covering an improvement by Iraqi forces against Islamic Condition (ISIS) militants from the Ras al-Jadah district of western Mosul when the mine detonated together with them.”The staff and management in France Télévisions sympathise with the annoyance of Stephan Villeneuve’s spouse Sophie, his four children, his loved ones and those he had been near. They provide their sincere condolences,” the mind of France Télévisions’ news section stated.
The journalists had been reporting about the battle for Mosul, accompanying Iraqi special forces. As they attempted to recapture the town by the Islamic State. Jihadists had set numerous booby traps in the narrow roads of town.Robert, that had just two grown up sons, was a seasoned journalist and expert on the Middle East who’d worked for a range of big news outlets in the France and Switzerland such as Le Figaro, a French broadsheet and Paris Match magazine.

Francoise Nyssen, the French culture minister, paid tribute to some “great war correspondent”.According to the most recent estimate by Reporters without Borders, Robert was the 29th journalist to have been killed in Iraq because 2014.

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