The media has revealed its true colors by the way it continues to report stories about environmental issues. While the science concerning the cause and effects of global warming are raising very little argument among serious scientists, the mass media continues to muddy the waters. It is uncertain what pressure groups are behind this media coverage, but it is clear who these misrepresentations most benefit – they are oil companies and traditional energy providers.

In Scandinavia acres of land have already been devoted to wind farms. These are areas devoted to wind turbines that generate carbon free energy. This is energy that is not made from burning fossil fuels that release carbon into the atmosphere. The turbines do not cause acid rain or mercury pollution. They make an area less dependent on foreign exports of oil and natural gas. Who would complain about such ’green’ initiatives?

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And yet in parts of the UK where sites for wind farms have been proposed residents have been protesting. The media has taken up these stories and give a certain amount of credence to unscientific notions that wind turbines are somehow bad the health. This is incredible when it is considered how much worse it is for people’s health to be living next to oil and coal burning power stations. Surely no one would rather live next to a nuclear power station than a wind farm? It is obvious media manipulation that these fringe sentiments find there way into the mass media and are given credence as representing the majority opinion.

At the same time the media conveniently buries some stories that don’t suit monied interests. A good example of this is the NiMH battery that was developed in Japan and was used to make electric vehicles and the battery powered – Bosch Rotak 40. Electric vehicles unlike the current hybrid vehicles on the market do not use an internal combustion engine. They are totally powered by nickel battery and are capable of going 100,000 miles without a change of battery. This technology was bought up by GM along with the patents for the NiMH battery. No other company has been allowed to use this superior green technology. As a result the car industry has bought itself a few more years of market dominance until the patents expire. This is surely significant news and yet no major media outlet has chosen to make anything of the story.

It is time people boycott the mass media until it stops being the lackey of big business interests. Until we do the fate of the planet is very much in the money orientated hands of the few. We must do more to correct the media bias against the green movement.


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