“Are you sitting comfortably? Then the show will commence after a message from our sponsors.”

You may have become so used to hearing and seeing powerful television commercials for just about everything under the sun that you have become almost consciously unaware of their presence. Advertisers are exceedingly clever people and they know exactly how to push all your buttons to get you to want whatever it is that they are promoting. The incredible power of television makes their job so much easier, because when their commercials are aired during a really popular show they know they have a captive audience whom they can exploit at will.

It doesn’t matter what is being hawked during the commercial break, but you can be sure that the companies behind the ads have paid a lot of money that they consider money well spent to have their products or services put before a potential customer base. Take as an example commercials for weight loss diet programs. The advertiser’s job is already partly done because there is a huge need for this kind of product in an ever growing population. People want to lose weight but they need to be told what product to use in order to get it done. So and advertiser can come along and promote Weight Watchers, Medifast, Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem, and a huge number of viewers will be convinced on the spot to sign up right away.

All the advertisers need to do is to make the diet programs appear highly appealing with results that are highly desirable. That means promoting a diet that will help a person lose weight in the easiest way possible while saving them time and allowing them to do all the great things with their new slim bodies that they always wanted to do. It’s really only selling a dream. But that’s all television commercials are created to do. Because if you can create enough desire for a thing in viewers, they will go out and buy it because they have been convinced that they want it and they need it and they must have it!

This is why television advertising is so incredibly powerful. The medium, because it is both visual and aural, is capable of getting its message rooted deep in the subconscious of the viewer so that without realizing why, the viewer will have a nagging desire to have this product or use that service. It should be used with care!