It’s supposedly completely unrelated, but surely the Turkish Government can appreciate how it seems. A couple of days after blocking the social media site Twitter, for gossiping about corruption online. In much the same way that the majority of the Turkish people are chatting about anyway – now we see YouTube is in the firing line.

In a nonsensical statement, Erdogan pronounced that –

“I don’t understand how people of good sense could defend Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. There are all kinds of lies there.”

It’s madness, almost as if the Turkish PM thinks that the content which is all created by hundreds of millions of people across the world, is actually generated by a specific entity. The ‘lies’ he speaks about are not coming from some corporate giant in America, they’re merely relayed using these sites. The words that he hates come from his own people, and what you hear on Twitter and YouTube you’ll find spoken in coffee shops, bars and shops across Turkey too.

However the whole, sorry episodes are made even more pathetic by the impotency in actually delivering any sort of control on these sites. Strong words from a leader are followed by a pathetic DNS hack to block access to Twitter, a 20 second google search will show you the fix, you can either go simple with swift change to another DNS server or perhaps something more sophisticated which shows you how to hide ip address. Which you decide is really personal preference, but the Turkish blocks are so hopeless I wouldn’t worry too much.

The talks are taking place about lifting the bans, but the simple reality is that they don;t really exist. During the time Twitter has been blocked over the last few days the level of Tweets from Turkey has barely moved. It has made the country a laughing stock, powerful misguided speeches backed up by technical ineptitude. Loads of people in Turkey have been tweeting pictures of the YouTube ban being implemented – which I hope you can recognize the irony.

Further information on bypassing stupid blocks available here.