It’s always a very reliable sign for a dodgy leader, regime or government – I refer to the inept blocking of social media sites like Twitter.   Turkey is continuing it’s very poor reputation by attempting to block the largely inoffensive site – Twitter.

Here’s a video report about the block and how you can bypass it.

Apparently I hear from my Turkish friends, that it is a hopeless attempt and trying to staunch the flow of corruption allegations regarding the Prime Minister – Erdogan. The ban seems to have failed in this extent, especially when the vice leader has found a way to bypass the block – a simple DNS change which can easily be sidestepped. The number of Tweets sent from within Turkey has stayed fairly level even despite the ban which is good news for free speech, but not so good for allegedly corrupt leaders keen on taking back handers.

We would hope that Erdogan would receive his reward at the ballot box, but leaders like this rarely rely on democracy for maintaining power.

Information on Methods of Bypassing Blocks can be found here.